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Frequently asked questions

What is Scalps?

With Scalps, users can seamlessly explore crypto-friendly businesses by connecting their favorite wallet via WalletConnect. Gamification features such as NFT-based Loyalty Programs and geolocation features, combined with fast, inexpensive, payments opens up a new paradigm for crypto payments.

What is Scalps Business?

Scalps Business offers a Web3 solution for blockchain-based businesses, complete with an integrated blockchain Loyalty System. Merchants can accept crypto payments, trade cryptocurrencies, and launch loyalty campaigns using the POINTS token or Loyalty NFTs. This enables them to attract new customers while nurturing their existing base.

Does Scalps require KYC?

Scalps doesn’t require KYC.

How do I add business on Scalps map?

To add your crypto-friendly business to Scalps map please complete our Business Sign Up. We will verify your entry and update accordingly.

What chains does Scalps support?

We currently support Stellar Network. Bitcoin, Solana, Polygon, BNB, TRON are going to be added next.

Is adding business on Scalps map free?

Adding a crypto-friendly business is completely free.

What business is eligible to launch Loyalty Campaign?

All businesses using the Scalps Business application receive the ability to launch their Loyalty Campaigns.

Is it mandatory to use the Scalps Business application to have a business on the Scalps map?

It is not mandatory to use Scalps Business to keep your business on the Scalps map. However, you still need initial registration of your business via Scalps Business.

Does Scalps have a token?

At the moment, Scalps is focused on connecting its users with crypto-friendly places and helping businesses transition into web3. Scalps plans to launch a utility token in Q3/Q4 2024.

When will Scalps mobile application be released?

We plan to release our mobile application both for iOS and Android in Q4 2024.


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