accelerating transition into web3 Future

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Why choosing us

At Scalps, we stand out for several compelling reasons. Our platform bridges the gap between consumers, merchants, and communities by leveraging the blockchain. Here’s why you should choose us over other companies:

Blockchain Integration: Scalps operates directly on the blockchain, ensuring transparency, security, and efficiency in every transaction. Unlike traditional payment systems, our decentralized approach empowers users and businesses alike.
Engaging Gamification: We’ve gamified the crypto experience. Our NFT and POINTS-based Loyalty Programs and geolocation features make spending crypto exciting. Whether you’re claiming bonuses or exploring new places, Scalps adds an element of fun to payments.
Seamless Exploration: With the Scalps User app, you can seamlessly discover crypto-friendly establishments. Connect your favorite wallet via WalletConnect, and enjoy hassle-free payments for goods and services.
Merchant Success: By launching loyalty campaigns using our POINTS token or Loyalty NFTs, merchants attract new customers while nurturing their existing base. Scalps empowers businesses to thrive in the evolving crypto landscape.
Choose Scalps for a rewarding crypto journey that combines innovation, accessibility, and community!


To empower businesses with cutting-edge decentralized technological solutions, driving their growth and contributing to a smarter, more connected world.


Be a catalyst for change in the technological realm, accelerating the transition to Web3 and setting new standards of excellence and innovation in the services we offer.


Samir Franciscus

Co-founder & CTO

Grigory Mkrtchyan

Co-founder & CCO

Adeeb Franciscus


Niamatullah Edwards

Lead Software Engineer

Levan Lursmanashvili

Lead Project Manager

David Kaliashvili

Front-end Developer

Taufan Fadhilah Iskandar

Senior Software Engineer

Rahul Gangwal

Senior Blockchain Engineer

Where you can find us