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According to a survey in 2022 by Deloitte 75% of retailers surveyed planned to accept cryptocurrencies within the next 2 years. Further validation around crypto payments going mainstream has been solidified with big market players such as JPMorgan Chase entering into the crypto payments market with patents around digital wallets.
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There are 420+ million global crypto users as of 2023!

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Location of crypto-friendly placesThe ability to spot and identify crypto-friendly places, vendors, connections and crypto enthusiasts around you.


Reception of crypto paymentsDifficulties with the reception of crypto payments worldwide due to the lack of awareness and information amongst people.


DecentralizationThe ability for users to pay vendors and connections with cryptocurrencies with a payment provider of their choice.


Connections made easyAbility to easily make connections within the crypto universe.

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Scalps provides its users with real-time mapping for the places that are registered as crypto-friendly.

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Scalps helps you to find and connect with crypto-friendly places around the world.

Scalps is available in any city or country.

Scalps doesn’t require KYC. No hustle, no stress.

At the moment, Scalps is focused on connecting its users with crypto-friendly places and opportunities. Scalps plans to launch a utility token in Q3/Q4 2023.

To add your crypto-friendly place to Scalps map please complete our Registration Form. We will verify your entry and update accordingly.

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We plan to release our mobile application both for iOS and Android in Q4 2023.

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