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Crypto assets

loyalty system in web3 starts here


Discover crypto-friendly places


Pay with your favorite cryptocurrency


Receive bonuses by participating in Loyalty programs

-Jordan Williams

“As a crypto enthusiast, I used to face challenges finding spots that accepted my digital currency. Scalps changed everything! Its sleek interface connects me to a network of crypto-accepting venues, where I can spend crypto and accumulate rewards through engaging in their Loyalty Programs. I highly recommend this app to anyone looking for a convenient way to spend their cryptocurrency.”

Easily register & browse

Discover crypto-friendly places effortlessly with the Scalps User app. Accessible registration and a familiar interface make it easy to explore thousands of crypto hotspots.

Discover, interact & Reap Rewards

Gamification features such as NFT-based Loyalty System and geolocation features, combined with fast, inexpensive, payments opens up a new paradigm for cryto payments.

Real world NFT use cases

Scalps offers a unique feature: the ability to reveal the QR code of acquired NFTs. Businesses can then verify the eligibility and validity of the issued NFTs via Scalps Business app and grant discounts, memberships, or tickets accordingly.

DIscount NFT qr code reveal

Smart Solutions for Businesses

Expose your business to Web3 by placing it on Scalps. Launch Loyalty Campaigns on the Scalps Business application based on the POINTS token or Loyalty NFTs, and attract new customers while growing and retaining your existing customer base.





Receive crypto payments

Scalps Business streamlines crypto transactions for merchants. The process closely resembles using a traditional POS terminal. It’s a breeze to set up, integrating crypto payments right into the current sales process. Merchants can effortlessly accept digital currencies like Bitcoin, Stellar, Solana, USDC with instant conversion to fiat for transparent dealings. Designed for accessibility and security, Scalps Business opens the door for any business to step into the world of crypto commerce.

Launch and manage loyalty campaigns

By launching loyalty campaigns on the Scalps Business application based on the POINTS token or Loyalty NFTs, merchants can attract new customers while growing and retaining their existing customer base.

mint nft collections

Scalps Business empowers merchants in the crypto world by minting unique Loyalty NFTs, applying discounts, issuing event access tokens, and tracking NFT distributions. It’s the bridge between enthusiasts and businesses, fostering wider adoption of digital currencies and NFTs.

track your nft distribution

Scalps Business offers a streamlined approach for businesses to monitor their NFT distribution. With a user-friendly dashboard, companies can track the issuance and usage of NFTs, such as loyalty rewards and collectibles, ensuring a clear view of customer engagement and asset circulation. 

Web3 Exposure Simplified

Your Web3 journey starts here. Whether you’re a business owner or just beginning to plan for entrepreneurship, Scalps Business is here to support you every step of the way. Contact us today for a personalized consultation and take the first step towards a brighter future.